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I'm Dave, Okinawa Surfing website surfer, skateboarder and I like to take photos and videos of my friends here in Okinawa, Japan. The site is available for anyone new to Okinawa seeking information about surfing here in Okinawa and it includes Okinawa surf spots, surf conditions and photos of surfers on Okinawa.

How does it work?

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– Surfer Joe

Before I discovered the Okinawa Surfing program I worked a normal 9 – 5 job, now, I get to surf whenever I want and earn 2x the money I did before, thank you Okinawa Surfing!

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Stand-up Paddle (SUP ) in Okinawa as we wait for typhoon waves.

I decided to go for a rip n’ dip on the SUP at a friendly little spot on the east side of Okinawa. Some fun little waves. SUPalapagus 😸 A post shared by David Vincent Higgins (@davidvincenthiggins) on Jul 1,

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How to JCI your car for the lowest price in Okinawa… ( not for Y plates )

All cars in Japan must be inspected every 2 years. This ‘How to’ is specifically for having a car on Okinawa that is not registered as a ‘ Y ‘ number but as a Japanese license plate that must be inspected

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Jun – Thank you for the clips!

Jun put together a few clips of me surfing out front in Okinawa. Here and there Jun breaks out the camera and shoots every surfer out there on the seawall and he had a few clips of me he was

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Jack slashes in front of the Camera!

A long time resident of Okinawa and total ripper decided to put on a show in front of the camera for me as we scored some off shore reef waves that you needed to take a boat to. This was

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Ryan shreds a throaty one!

I thought this was my friend Alex surfing this wave but it was actually a guy named Ryan shredding the gnar on this one. They look very similar at this distance.

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Thrompy Right Handed Okinawa Wave

This is photo taken by the most underrated surf photographer I have ever met on Okinawa. His name is Seth Rice and his instagram handle is: happy_haole I thought Seth was a pretty good surfer and he was a true

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Barrel Hunter

This is Brant. His Nickname is Barrel Hunter and this photo of him explains exactly what is on his mind when he drops into Okinawan waves.

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Natsuro the surfer/photographer shot this one!

☕ ?:natsuro #サーフィン #沖縄 #okinawa #surfing #surf #blackandwhitephotography #coffee #? A photo posted by David Vincent Higgins (@davidvincenthiggins) on Feb 4, 2017 at 4:02pm PST

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