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I'm Dave, Okinawa Surfing website surfer, skateboarder and I like to take photos and videos of my friends here in Okinawa, Japan. The site is available for anyone new to Okinawa seeking information about surfing here in Okinawa and it includes Okinawa surf spots, surf conditions and photos of surfers on Okinawa.

Rob Shot this sequence of me at the Ginowan Skate Park

?: @okirob #skateboarding #okinawa #japan #backside180 #noboozethenightbefore #genki A photo posted by David Vincent Higgins (@davidvincenthiggins) on Feb 4, 2017 at 8:04pm PST

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Go Skate & Film – Our Motto – Become famous… on facebook :)

Rob and I hit the skateboard park and stretched our old bones at the Ginowan Skateboard park.  We always have a goal of trying to shoot some cool tricks while we are there. It pushes us to try and be

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North Swell – Okinawa West Side Spots!

If you lurk on Magic Seaweed’s predictions for the week and see 6+feet/1.5 – 2.0+meter wave size with Northern directions you are going to find all of my favorite spots to surf on the West Side of Okinawa light up.

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No Waves & Raining – No Problem

The waves in Okinawa often suck and although all the pretty tourist flyers for Okinawa are beautiful sunny days it often rains. When this happens I don’t worry, we headed to the skatepark under the bridge in Haebaru. Do you want

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Rob Mallon aka No Limit Soldier

Rob is a big guy but don’t under estimate his skill level. This trick was my idea to start trying and right away Rob took over and 5 min. later he pulled this stylish ‘ baby blunt slide ‘ to

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All Day – Ginowan Skate Park

Rob and I shook off all the cobwebs from our old bones. We ripped a few, we shredded a few and then drank a few brewskies to wisk away the pain of skateboarding when you are a grown man. Enjoy!

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We Won Waves! Trump Won Presidency!

There was an eerie feeling in the water this afternoon when we were surfing. Something seemed a little different and I found out once I came in from surfing some Okinawan waves that Trump won! It didn’t matter, the waves

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