Chase Waterfalls

Living in Okinawa is great for surfing but it can often be flat or conditions do not prevail for good surf. Your next best option is to go explore and chase waterfalls. Here are three great waterfalls on Okinawa starting from the best one.


This is by far the coolest day trip waterfall of all time. Just past Nago in the northern area of Okinawa lies a very cool waterfall with adventure that starts right from the parking lot. See to get to this waterfall you must hike up the river negotiating rocks and short side trails for about 30 minutes before you arrive at a magnificent waterfall. If you have old shoes, watershoes, reef/surf booties or great flip flops it is nice to wear these as you negotiate your way up the river to the waterfall. I have done it bare foot but some parts wished for some feet protections. You should definetely be in swim wear as you go up the river as some parts are deep depending on rainfall or the time of year you decide to hike it.

Tanagagumui Waterfall

This waterfall is a FULL day trip as it is located way up north but because of the long drive and secluded spot you will often be alone with your friends or family to enjoy by yourselves. From the parking lot it is about a 10 minute walk down to the river and swimming spot. The waterfall is not huge but it is by far the best place to go fresh water swimming in Okinawa. The rope swing is fun but a little but a little dangerous. There is BBQ and cooking areas. I have yet to go as the river was to high but if you cross the boulders to the other side and continue walking there is more waterfalls up the path.

Hiji Waterfall

If you want to find a waterfall without adventure or danger than this is the perfect waterfall. This waterfall is the perfect place to bring your old parents to, there is a safe and clear path all the way to the end where lies a waterfall that you are not allowed to swim in. Although all the signs say you cannot swim there is no guard man on watch so dipping your feet in won’t be a problem. This is a great waterfall to bring someone who wears make up and likes air conditioning.