Okinawa Surf School & Tours

If you want to learn how to surf on Okinawa a great option is to take a surf lesson but if you are already an avid shred dog and you want someone to bring you to the good spots then a surf guide is a must.

There are a few surf school & surf tour guides on Okinawa but I am biased towards →

The company is called Blue Reef Surf Tour & Guest House. It is run by my friend Jason MacDonald, His Wife, & Reef Line Art. I recommend this surf school, tour, and guesthouse as I have seen everything they do first hand.

The guest house is immaculate and the price is incredibly cheap. You can check it out here first hand on Airbnb and go directly to the website. His wife is a great cook and if you are a good person she will cook a ‘Washoku’ meal for you. This type of Japanese cuisine is by far my favourite type of Japanese food and I eat it all the time.

The Surf Tours are exactly how I would imagine a surf tour could be on Okinawa. You will get into a large comfortable van and get taken to the best surf spots for the day as the weather and waves can permit. He will also take you to some beautiful spots around the island that only a person who lives here on Okinawa would know.

The Surf Lessons are a great idea for a person learning how to surf on Okinawa. Although the Okinawan island waves look blue and beautiful, it is extremely dangerous to learn how to surf on Okinawa as the reef is extremely sharp. The Surf Teacher will take you to spots where the waves are forgiving and you will be able to surf without the fear of injury.

To book a surf lesson or tour below is all the contact information: