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Jun – Thank you for the clips!

Jun put together a few clips of me surfing out front in Okinawa. Here and there Jun breaks out the camera and shoots every surfer out there on the seawall and he had a few clips of me he was

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Jack slashes in front of the Camera!

A long time resident of Okinawa and total ripper decided to put on a show in front of the camera for me as we scored some off shore reef waves that you needed to take a boat to. This was

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Ryan shreds a throaty one!

I thought this was my friend Alex surfing this wave but it was actually a guy named Ryan shredding the gnar on this one. They look very similar at this distance.

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Thrompy Right Handed Okinawa Wave

This is photo taken by the most underrated surf photographer I have ever met on Okinawa. His name is Seth Rice and his instagram handle is: happy_haole I thought Seth was a pretty good surfer and he was a true

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Rob Shot this sequence of me at the Ginowan Skate Park

?: @okirob #skateboarding #okinawa #japan #backside180 #noboozethenightbefore #genki A photo posted by David Vincent Higgins (@davidvincenthiggins) on Feb 4, 2017 at 8:04pm PST

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